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Video Testimonials: Let your AWESOME Clients speak for you!

There are many benefits of using video testimonials over other forms of video advertising.

Dartise Media Design, A Chicago based Media Design Firm can produce the quality video testimonial you’re looking for.

A testimonial video connects to potential customers on a personal level and shows that other people just like them use your product or service.  Video testimonials are also more cost effective than other forms of video advertising since they rely on genuine words spoken by your customer instead of costly animations, sets, actors, or wild graphics to sell your products and services.

A great way to gather testimonials is by simply asking your customers. Just send out an email or personal note asking for them. You might entice them by offering a free gift or discounts off future products.

There are three main types of video testimonials that you might consider using:

Professional Testimonials – These are from customers who can vouch for you or your company on its character and integrity.  They’re great for Realtors and other professionals who work one on one with customers and need to build an element of trust to gain a new customer.

Service Testimonials – Let your customers explain the process of doing business with you and how easy and enjoyable it was.  If you are selling a personal service or concept, a satisfied customer can actually be better at promoting your business than you.

Product Testimonials – Despite widespread acceptance of online shopping and eCommerce many people remain skeptical and somewhat leery of purchasing anything online. Potential customers want more than just promises from your website or television commercials, they want proof that you’re the best one to do business with. Seeing a satisfied customer using your product and sharing their positive experience provides that proof.

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