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Need Topics for your Next Video?

Need some examples?

Not sure of possible topics for your video?  How about 2 minute bits featuring:

  • the most creative application of your product that you’ve ever seen
  • the two biggest problems people have told you it solves – which you never even sold it to do
  • (series of 10) Ten most common questions folks ask as they learn about your product
  • the quick story of how your product was invented
  • 3 things that would surprise most people about how your product is made
  • 2 applications that your product should never be used for
  • 5 applications where your product is a natural fit
  • the biggest value most users find in using your product
  • the most flattering testimonial your product has ever received, and why it did

So you see, they are all about the “product”…but only tangentially.  And with you and your colleagues (from all departments) sharing the dialog prospects will come to appreciate the value you provide.

But please promise that you’ll never just set up a tripod and focus on your product.

Want to see a couple great, creative examples?  Check out the sensible, engaging, brief piece on marketing to engineers, and the wise ass/satire which sells briefcases while entertaining (and flaying the frauds!)


By , Published March 11, 2014

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