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Location & Visibility MATTER – Even in Video

So location is everything for retail and restaurants – but switching industries, let’s talk online video.
So what is the most important thing when building a video strategy?
Is it the number of videos you have available on your site? 100, 1,000, 100,000?
Is it the CPM you can get when selling videos? $7, $15, $30, more?
Is it your SEO capabilities to drive organic audiences from search to video pages?
Is it your relationship with advertisers?
Is it the video content management system you’re using? HTML5?
Is it the supporting iOS App you have?
Is it the recommendation system you integrate on your site?
Is it your supporting YouTube channel? Number of subscribers?
When thinking about starting to build a video business, it’s similar to choosing a place for your restaurant. Location is everything, and having people know you have food for them to eat can make or break your business.DARTISE MEDIA DESIGN, a Chicago based Media Design firm can provide you with everything you need.

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