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QUICKTIPS #1 Use a Tripod

We have an extensive background in producing videos of all types. So we decided that we’d share a few tips that may help you when shooting video.

#1 Use A Tripod, because the tripod is your friend.

dmd-quicktips1-tripod   And of course it can help you prevent that pesky shaky video. Due to the advancement of technology and the drop in price of cameras/camcorders more people are shooting videos on their own instead of hiring a professional. As corporate video producers, we know that small businesses don’t always have the big budgets to produce the end product they truly desire. We suggest borrowing or purchasing a tripod in order to get those steady shots you need. If you don’t have a tripod, we suggest using a wall to hold yourself up. If using a wall to hold the camera still, remember that the wider you shoot the easier it is to hold a steady shot. Once you begin to zoom in on a hand-held camera you’ll begin to notice every move that is made (even your breathing). We hope this helps 🙂

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